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Journey to Andaman is Incomplete Without a Visit to Havelock Island

One of the tourist destinations that stands out of the rest in India is the heavenly Island of Andaman. This travel destination is one of the most sought out among the various places in to be visited in India.Every years thousand of travelers from India and from the rest part of the world travels to Andaman to get the feeling of being in an uninhabited place. That's the impression that Andaman would pose to you and would compel you to visit it again and again.Your journey to Andaman would be incomplete without visiting Havelock Island resorts. Havelock comprises of an area of 113.93 Km2 and is the largest island, comprising of Ritchie's Archipelago which is a chain of island lying to the east of great Andaman in the Andaman island. The island has received its name from an Indian general active in India. That is all about the statistics of Havelock Island. Why it is called the crown of Andaman has been explained below.

The blue seas, silky white sands and the lush green sands would mesmerize you into the eternal beauty of the Havelock. Some people who have fallen in love with the island has often described it as the painted canvas. Located to the east of Port Blair is separated form the chaos of the chaos of the city life. The beauty of the island is eternal and time would refuse to budge in this land of beauty. Reasons that makes Havelock as the crown of Andaman have been mentioned below.
Havelock Island has the to its possession the best beach in Asia. Beach no 7 known as the Radhanagar beach is the most gorgeous and has got the status of being the best beach vacations in Asia. It has also attained a place among the 1oo most popular beach in the world.
Staying in a crowded city amid the hush-hush of the vehicles and the polluted environment, the Havelock island would pose to us as a Elysium. Crystal clear water of the sea provides a magnificent view. It looks ornate in the shades of blue and green, accompanied with the sands. With the gentle touch of the sunlight the surface turns white, like a pure white crystal.
A visit to the sea shore would be incomplete without the sunrise and the sunset. The sunrise and the sunset at the Havelock island could be compared to a picture perfect post-card image. If you seek to be adventurous by nature, trekking to the south most tip of southern Andaman would be worth opting for. The view of sunset at the Munda Pahar beach in Bird Island chidiya taapu would be a satisfying experience.
A visit to the island would be incomplete without visit to the exotic forest that forms a apart of the beauty of the islands. The forest region of the Havelock island was affected by the Tsunami that occurred in 2004, but the photogenic forest beauty is still prevalent in the Kalapathar beach. The fallen trunks of the trees along the sand of the seashore adds to the exquisite look of the prevailing beauty of the island.
Snorkeling is one of the most eminent attraction of the region. This adventures activity in the northwest cost of Radhanagar can give you the experience of corals, turtles and the aquatic life. One of the special feature that would add to your adventure is the glass bottom boats. Scuba diving is another is one more adventurous spots that would add to your memories of Havelock. Scuba diving at the Elephant beach and Lighthouse would give you the experience of the divine corals.
You can even take the pleasure of camping through the Nicobari huts present on the sea shore. Cruising in the boats of the local fisherman is one more activity that would add to the adventurous journey at the Havelock island. One more eminent part of the experience would be the food. Sea foods, cafes, dhabas and sacks would only add to the pleasant experience that you will ave in the Havelock island.

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